Face it squarely                                 


The Government will probably ask Parliament to pass a Bill that does not directly address the question “should the UK leave the EU”, but tries to sneak a decision through indirectly.  It might be a bill about the timing of notice to the EU, or about the strategy for negotiating with the EU, containing the hidden presumption that the decision to leave has been made.


Parliament must not pass such a Bill.  It must amend the wording so that it addresses the question clearly, and only then decide whether to pass it or not.  It must directly state the proposition “that the UK shall leave EU”.  Parliament can then make the decision on whether to Leave or Remain by passing the Bill or not passing it.   If the Bill cannot be amended in that way, then Parliament must refuse to pass it.


This decision is the most important one that the UK has faced in at least 75 years (since 1939).  If the Government is allowed to bypass Parliament and make it on its own initiative, it will have created a precedent with devastating consequences for the UK’s constitution.  It has taken 800 years since Magna Carta to develop what is, in principle, the best form of government in the world – representative government through a sovereign parliament.  It would be a great loss not just to this country but to the world if it were discredited and swept away.


There is a rumour that the Government has, in fact, been preparing a “bombproof” bill – one that can not be amended.  If that is true, it proves that the Government has no respect for Parliament and regards it as nothing more than a rubber stamp for its own decisions.  Parliament must not allow itself to be made into a rubber stamp, a mere inconvenience to the Government.  That would open a path that leads eventually to Dictatorship.






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