Benefits of being outside the EU    Summary


Savings of £350M a week in contributions to the EU budget

but   £100M comes back in rebates (never goes out, actually)

        another £90M comes back in subsidies and other support

        the final £160M won’t go very far among 65 million people

Freedom from burdensome EU regulations

but   we need regulations, will now have to make up our own

        which won’t be much different – we helped write the EU ones

Reduced competition from EU workers for UK jobs

but   unemployment has gone down while immigration has gone up

        many UK businesses can’t find the workers they need in the UK

Reduced strain on Government services and benefits

but   EU immigrants pay taxes that pay for services and benefits

        and they have higher rates of employment than UK average

        and they have lower rates of benefit claim  than UK average

Reduced strain on housing and infrastructure (roads etc.)

but   at the cost of a smaller UK economy

Reduced social tension due to large numbers of EU immigrants who

        don’t speak our language at a colloquial, neighbourly level

        don’t know our manners, our customs, our holidays

               and our general way of doing things

        and gather together in communities, making us feel shut out

Getting our country back

        the EU wants to abolish nationality

        that’s the agenda of the aging EU elite

        it’s based on memories of the horrors of war

        but it is being pushed too far and too fast

        French people want to be French, English to be English, etc.

        but the EU elite just don’t get it



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