FOREWORD    29th November 2016


Theresa May and the Government she leads are flouting the law.  This is not just a curious technical oddity – a tricky answer to a TV quiz show question.  It is a fundamental challenge to the British constitution.  They are taking the first step on a road that leads to 1930s-style Dictatorship.  They say that Government can make law in its own right, and that Parliament is just its rubber stamp.


They claim that the UK has decided to leave the EU – that a decision has been made.  They are holding official preparatory talks with the EU, the governments of its member states, and many other governments.  The have set up departments for “Exiting the European Union” and for “International Trade” which have started work on “Brexit” at enormous cost to the taxpayer.


But no such decision has been made.  The High Court judgement in “Regina (Miller) v Secretary of State” made that clear.  The Government does not have the power under its own prerogative to make that decision.  The referendum was advisory only and did not have the power to make it either.  Only an Act of Parliament can make the decision.  The Supreme Court may overturn some parts of the High Court’s ruling, but it is almost inconceivable that it could disagree with those three simple facts.


Sooner or later, whether before giving Article 50 notice or after, the Government will have to put the question directly and clearly to Parliament, in a Bill proposing that the UK shall leave the EU.  The unashamed purpose of this Web site is to help people to persuade their MPs to vote against that Bill.


The first and more important step is to convince MPs that they really are free to make the decision according to their conscience, and that each one has the duty to do so, even at the cost of his or her political career.  They are not bound by the referendum result: indeed, there are strong reasons for believing that is does not truly represent “the will of the people”.  Nor are they bound by the Government’s actions since the referendum:  Theresa May’s flouting of the law can be undone, no matter what embarrassment that causes the Government and the nation.


The second step is to convince MPs that remaining in the EU is best for the UK and its people.  A large majority of them believed that before the referendum.  The result of the vote should not change that opinion: no valid argument for it has been changed by the vote.  Only calculations of political expedience have changed.  MPs must not decide the most important question our country has faced in 75 years – and one that can not be reversed – in the interests of their individual political careers.