These people are seriously off their rockers.


They are leading members of a group of about 75 MPs who call themselves

“The European Research Group”


They want a “hard Brexit”.

Their Chair and Deputy Chair issued a statement on 6th January, to “encourage” Theresa May

in advance of her expected speech the next week.


You really have to read it in full, to see just how insane these people are.


Text Box: Following the Prime Minister’s speech to conference, we are confident the Government is going down entirely the right track.
We’ll be delighted when it’s clear we will be taking advantage of the practically unlimited opportunities which will come from leaving the EEA and Customs Union through ending ECJ supremacy, controlling migration and making our own trade policy.
When the public and business can see our friends around the world are enthusiastic about swiftly concluding tariff and barrier free trade with us, our economy will continue to strengthen.
Sources close to the Trump team have indicated the President-elect will wish to be helpful as early as possible. We have heard similarly from other like-minded countries. Only outside the EEA, Customs Union and CAP can we conclude the trade arrangements which would create very large new opportunities for exporting industries like the Scotch Whisky industry and our world-class services sector.
We look forward to the Prime Minister’s speech with buoyancy and hope, certain our country will have a bright future of free trade and self government.


The only specific example they can give

of the “practically unlimited opportunities” that lie before us when we sever all ties with Europe

is exports of Scotch Whisky !


Well, that’s really going to help Sunderland, and all the other depressed areas

that put their faith in these fools

believing their lies about the splendid economic future that “Brexit” would bring them.


Yes, jobs like shoveling boiling mash,

sweating yourself to a skeleton in your impermeable protective clothing;

jobs for a few hundred,

in the distant valleys of Scotland.


We must not allow fanatics like these decide the future of our country.



That statement



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